PYRENEES - Bigorre

Culminating at 2565 m above sea level, the refuge of the Brèche de Roland - Les Sarradets faces the legendary breach that Roland de Ronceveaux would have opened thanks to his famous sword Durandal.

The breach is a real natural "door" carved into a wall 100 m high. It gives access to a mineral setting, many "3000" as well as the Ordesa National Park and its canyons (Spain). The refuge, located in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, overlooks the magnificent Cirque de Gavarnie. From it, you can hike to the breach or the tag, climb the Helmet, make the ascent of the Tour or the Marboré. The possibilities are also numerous in ski touring (Col des Sarradets, Taillon ...). You can also practice ice waterfall or caving. The caretakers are waiting for you to share pleasant moments of conviviality, a good meal or a gourmet break.


Phone: 06 83 38 13 24

Claire BODIN and Aurore MEYER

GPS (UTM WGS84):30T 743008 4731318
GPS address decimals:42.695937, -0.033303
Map:1748 OT


The shelter opened its doors on Monday, July 5, 2021.

Nombre de couchages:57
Nombre de couchages:30


Gavarnie village: summer/winter
Col des Tentes: summer

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Ski de randonnée
Randonnée plaine

RANDONEE : Brèche de Roland - Taillon - Gabiétou - summits of the circus - Vire des Fleurs - Mont Perdu - Haute Route des Pyrénées (HRP)
CLIMBING: Sarradets - Breach, Helmet...
MOUNTAINEERING : Tour - Marboré - Taillon - Arête Passet
SKI TOURING : Summits of the circus - Taillon - Escuzana - Gabiétou
SPELEOLOGIE : icy cave of Marboré
ICE WATERFALL: Cirque de Gavarnie


05 62 36 93 23


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Ski-ing conditions :
Orientation :


Road access
  • GPS (UTM WGS 84): 30T 741404 4733253
  • Decimal GPS ccordinates: 42.713846 N - -0.052036 E
2210 m

Without snow
5 km
400 m
: 2 h 00 mn
:From the parking lot of the Col des Tentes, follow at first, the disused paved road, to the port of Boucharo (south west direction). From the pass, start due East following the path under the N face of the Taillon to the Col des Sarradets; watch out for the passage of the waterfall (slippery terrain, but presence of chains). From the pass, join the Refuge des Sarradets
: 1 h 15 mn
:From the refuge, pass at the Col des Sarradets (2589m) and go down to the passage of the waterfall. Cross the torrent (no bridge), and continue due west towards the Port of Boucharo (2270m). At the Port, take north-west, and after 20 minutes walk reach the parking lot of the Col des Tentes.
Road access Public transport
  • GPS (UTM WGS 84): 30T 744306 4736342
  • Decimal GPS ccordinates: 42.740710 N - -0.015314 E
1400 m

Without snow
6.8 km
1210 m
: 4 h 30 mn
:Gavarnie village, take the trail in the forest of the Mourgat to the plateau of Bellevue. Continue West in Bill Aspe Valley. At the altitude of 1873 m, take the right path marked zig - zag which rises to the South and joined the route coming from the neck of the tents just before the passage of the waterfall. Attention to the passage of the waterfall (slippery, but presence of channels). Cervical, reach the Sarradets refuge
: 3 h 00 mn
:From the refuge of the breach of Roland 2587m, go down due east the valley to the altitude 2150, the path is oriented to the North. The scale of Sarradets oriented south-east, starts at the altitude 2010 m and leads to the altitude 1750 m. Warning: do not engage in the Sarradets ladder when the snow persists above the 1st floor of the circus. From this point the trail turns North, North-East to the hotel of the Circus of Gavarnie. From there follow the forest road to the village of Gavarnie.
Road access Public transport
  • GPS (UTM WGS 84): 30T 744306 4736342
  • Decimal GPS ccordinates: 42.740710 N - -0.015314 E
1400 m

Without snow
8 km
1300 m
: 5 h 00 mn
:De Gavarnie village, suivre le sentier qui monte tranquillement vers le cirque. Passez devant l'hôtellerie du cirque, prendre la passerelle à droite pour traverser le gave. (Attention, cette passerelle peut être enlevée chaque hiver et remise assez tardivement au printemps : dans ce cas traversez le gave en vous rapprochant du fond du cirque en marchant sur la neige). Remontez vers le fond du cirque, un petit sentier cairné vous amène à une rampe ascendante de gauche à droite. Au départ de la rampe, passage exposé durant 30mn, des H jaune et rouge bien voyants balisent la montée jusqu'au refuge. Ne pas s'engager dans l'échelle des Sarradets lorsque la neige persiste au-dessus du 1er étage du cirque.
: 3 h 00 mn
Public transport
  • GPS (UTM WGS 84): 30T 744281 4737052
  • Decimal GPS ccordinates: 42.747100 N - -0.015310 E
1400 m